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Discontinued As of 10/19/2012

Pelican Case 1090

Pelican 1090 Case Fits notebook computers up to 14.68" x 11.06" x 1.9"

The Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

The Pelican 1090 case is the ultimate in laptop protection. It's slim sleek design makes transporting it easy and discrete. Be rough with the 1090 case and know your laptop is protected. The Pelican 1090 Case comes with a shoulder strap and fits nicely into almost any bag. Highly recommended for students taking their laptop to class or those individuals that travel with their laptops. Since the lid doesn't open 180, but about 100 the laptop can be used inside the 1090 case. Ribs in the base help keep the air circulating in return keeping your laptop cool. The Pelican 1090 case will be the last laptop case you ever need.

-Also if you purchase the Pelican 1090 with the Liner it comes with four .75" bumpers and another four .375"bumpers that will raise you laptop to securely fit against the lid when the case is closed. 

Pelican 1090 Optional Features:

Pelican 1090 Standard Features:

Pelican 1090CC is with Liner
Custom Foam Inserts
Desiccant Silica Gel  
Pelican 1090 is with Pick N' Pluck Foam Set
Fold-down handle
O-ring Seal
Fits notebook laptops up to 14.68" x 11.06" x 1.9"
Purge Valve

Pelican Case 1090
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With Pick N' Pluck Foam
With  Liner +$
With Custom Foam 4 Cavities +$
Pelican 1090 Case Information
Outside Dimensions: 15.83"L x 13.10"W x 2.86"D
Inside Dimensions: 15.00"L x 11.32"W x 2.00"D
Shipping Weight: 2 lb

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1090 Black


Pelican 1090 case Hardback Notebook Case is waterproof, dustproof and crushproof.

The Pelican 1090 case is one of the most popular laptop cases made. An anodized aluminum latch will snap down and keep the contents with the Pelican 1090 case secure. A built in o-ring insures the 1090 case is 100% waterproof. Built to perform out of  lightweight, space-age structural resin the case is incredibly tough and will not break, age, crack or dent. The Pelican 1090 case can be purchased with either pick and pluck foam foam or with liner. A built in automatic pressure equalization valve (purge valve) allows air to enter the case which means the Pelican 1090 case can be opened in high altitudes.

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